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“The movers were very fast and met our requirements despite the difficulties! I also appreciated the way they kept us informed when our belongings will arrive. The patience and effort of the crew were outstanding! People would be pleased with the work ethics these guys have. They have well advises where to stack my stuff particularly in the storage area. Without stressing much, moving from one place to another was made possible for my family and me. We highly recommend Burlington movers! I only wish I found them earlier.“
---Fred, 26, Burlington

“I had a smooth moving experience last weekend! They made our moving a priority, in a way, they didn’t give us problems on how or where to unload and load the possessions that we have. They were very kind and professional on how they handled our things! Customer service is their key, that’s why, clients like us, were very satisfied with the job they have done! The moving went perfectly well and I didn’t expect that the furniture would come in so early! I was pleased! I could not be happier with the service that Burlington movers have provided!
---Drake, 32, Burlington “

“Our move would have been really impossible without your service! Instead, it had been a wonderful experience for us! I will be recommending you to my family and friends! Thank you!“
---Fe, 47, Burlington

“I had no stress during my moving! Thanks to Burlington movers! They made moving such an ease! The crew were professional, efficient and hard-working! They did an excellent job!“
—Beverly, 34, Burlington

“Moving! What a headache! The first time i did it, it was very hard, very hurting (because i had my arms and my legs suffering for a week long) besides i broke a lot of my personal things. The second time i had to move due to some personal problems, then my experience was totally different. A friend told me about this moving company and ask me to try it. So i did it. What a different experience! They took care of everything in a very professional way! So moving is not a bad experience anymore. And if I have to move again, for sure i will call them. Why? Because i hate moving... not them! So many thanks “
—Jose Estrada, Burlington