What to Do When Transferring Utilities

What to Do When Transferring Utilities

Finding a trustworthy long-distance moving company, packing things up, and planning what life will be like in your new home are all important steps for moving across Canada. Choosing a Burlington moving company is just one of many tasks you’ll need to complete, however, when moving out of province. Transferring utilities is another critical step that often flies under the radar until the last moment.

Checklist of Things to Do Before You Move

Successfully transferring your utilities is all about being organized. The earlier you start getting everything together, the less rushed you’ll feel about the entire process. Make sure you check all the boxes below for things to do before you move.

1. Make a List of Your Current Service Providers

This organizational step will result in a master list that you can use to keep yourself organized. It should include all monthly services, including gas, water, electric, phone, internet, and garbage, for example. You’ll want to make sure all these utilities are shut off successfully within a day or two of you moving out.

You’ll need to handle most of the logistics of transferring utilities within one to two months of your moving date, so this step should be planned well in advance. Try to have it done at least three months before you relocate so that you have time to take care of all the subsequent steps calmly.

This timing will allow you to handle your utilities in a calm, organized manner that doesn’t impact negatively on your well-laid plans.

2. Check That Everything Has Been Paid Up

If you have any outstanding balances for your current utilities, you will not want to leave these payments until the last minute. Check a couple of months before your move-out date to ensure that you’ve stayed on top of all utility payments. Being proactive about this detail can save you some significant headaches down the line when you are attempting to transfer the accounts.

Most importantly, having everything paid off gives you a clean slate, so you’ll avoid unnecessary damage to your credit score at an already stressful time in your life.

3. Record Utility Readings Before Moving

Take the time to record utility readings when you move out. The easiest way to do this is to photograph the meters clearly and save these to an accessible folder. You’ll be covered in the event of any confusion or disagreement should these come up in the weeks or months that follow.

4. Consider Changing Service Providers

Your move is the ideal opportunity to shop around for a better deal. Make sure that your current utility providers are giving you the best rates and reliable service. If not, why not take the opportunity to switch over to another company so that you can save a bit of money on monthly utility payments?

You’re already going through the effort of moving and transferring utilities, so the circumstances for changing service providers are ideal.

5. Notify Your Current Utility Providers in Advance

If you know exactly when you’d like to discontinue your utility services at the old residence, give your service providers one to two months’ notice if possible. This guarantees you a well-planned utility transfer that is timed exactly the way that you want it. You’ll gain some peace of mind knowing that everything will be turned off or transferred according to your planned timeline.

6. Be Patient When You Call Your Service Providers

Transferring utilities is an integral part of moving, but it’s not the most exciting aspect of the process. Realistically, you should plan to spend a minimum of half an hour for disconnecting, transferring, or connecting a utility service for your new home. In some cases, it may even take an hour or two.

Try to stay patient and optimistic about the tedious process with the understanding that you’ll soon be living in a new home with all your arrangements in place.

7. Don’t Forget to Update Your Address

Lastly, updating your address will play a primary role when it comes to utility services bills and information at your new place. Updating an address may seem like minutiae, but it’s a detail you don’t want to forget about it until the last moment.

Make sure that the utility service providers for your new residence are aware of the correct billing address well in advance so that you can avoid any inconveniences in your new home.

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